Empower our faculty members through ongoing engagement and active involvement in all aspects of
our School.

The entire geography of Northern Ontario is the campus of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. Our more than 1300 faculty members located across the region play a critical role by educating our learners, conducting outstanding research, delivering high quality clinical care, and playing leadership roles in our organization. We take pride in the calibre of our faculty members and their many accomplishments to date. Building on this, we see our faculty as a key strategic driver of our future successes. We will focus on further understanding and identifying the key issues and opportunities faced by our faculty, and actively work to further integrate these insights into our processes to increase the impact they can make. We will engage our faculty in all aspects of the School to ensure that we are making decisions that reflect the needs of our faculty and learners. Involvement of our faculty across Northern Ontario is critical to achieving our vision of Innovative Education and Research for a Healthier North.